Attitude of Gratitude

There are few things in life more difficult to listen to than the person who is arrogant and cocky. It happens all the time in the realm of athletics; the overpaid athlete who only wants to bring attention and praise to himself. Gosh I can't stand that, and I imagine you can't either.

Therefore, let us consider this question together...How do we come across to others? If I were to ask your classmates about you, what would their description of you sound like? Would they tell me you're cocky and into yourself, or would they describe to me character qualities such as compassion, empathy, patience and kindness? How about thankfulness?

As we gear up for one of our country's great holidays - Thanksgiving - let's truly decide that we are going to be a people who have an "Attitude of Gratitude." Start today by telling your mom or dad or perhaps even your brother or sister something that you are thankful for. Perhaps you can even go a step further by telling them something you greatly appreciate about them. Be sincere and watch your relationship with them grow for the better!

Have a great November and Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!