Youth Ministry Overview

Dan's desire is to challenge teenagers to live disciplined lives. His messages are grounded in scripture, relevant, timely and applicable so that teens find living for Christ to be the most fulfilling and satisfying pleasure on earth!

His presentations are designed to equip the next generation to think, speak and act honorably for Christ. As a growing number of activities compete for the attention of today's youth, Dan places high emphasis on serving Christ in the home, at school and being prepared to defend the faith in the marketplace of ideas. Dan believes teenagers will be most successful when they live principled, purposeful and pure lives everyday so that God is glorified in all things and Christ is exalted above all things.


YOUTH GROUP / YOUTH SERVICE: Dan's powerful testimony and creative ability to communicate biblical truths help teens discover God's will for their lives. These types of settings allow Dan to show teenagers how to practically live their faith in the 21st century by instructing them how to study and apply scripture accurately.

CAMPS / RETREATS: As young people look for acceptance and fulfillment through community, camp and retreats are a great way for Dan to build relationships with them in addition to his platform ministry. Whether through one, three or 5-day events, Dan's teaching sessions are full of exciting and humorous illustrations. Dan also addresses cultural, spiritual and developmental issues that teens face each day. Additionally, he helps teens discover their God-given talents and abilities, build healthy and meaningful friendships and plan for their future!

EVANGELISTIC OUTREACHES: Participating in sports is something that many teenagers enjoy. Using athletics as a platform to reach young people in their world, Dan utilizes the astounding basketball talents the Lord has blessed him with to present the Gospel message. In doing so, Dan is able to cross many of the racial, gender, and economic barriers that often times exist and encourage teens to live a meaningful life by surrendering their will to Christ.

OTHER: We recognize there are numerous avenues for ministry and outreach ideas that exist. If you would like Dan to speak at an upcoming event not mentioned above, please complete the Speaking Request Form and we will contact you right away!

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