Educational Clients

Dan has worked with more than 200 schools

Conducted more than 500 assembly programs

And has impacted more than 250,000 students

Dan has spoken for:

• Anne Arundel County HPED
• North Dakota PTA
• North Dakota ASC
• Wisconsin PTA
• Wisconsin ASC
• Young Entrepreneurs


Tired of having guest speakers and school assemblies that fail to meet intended objectives and expectations? Tired of wasting valuable classroom time by paying high fees for programs that only entertain your students? Want more? Now you can!

Dan respects the time he is given for out-of-the-classroom instruction and has therefore created a set of character-building messages and programs that challenge students to become Champions in Life. His presentations will help students maximize their time, talents and resources and explain the value of making wise and productive choices. Dan uses teaching techniques that make learning fun yet in a world and language students are sure to understand and relate to.

Dan is available for:
Family Nights
HPED Conferences
School Assemblies
Staff Development
Student Council Conventions
Student Leadership Workshops
PE Classes
PTA/PTO Convention
Mission and Commitment:
Inspire, equip and empower students to make wise choices and become respectful, responsible and successful both in the classroom as well as in life.

This is accomplished through providing character-building presentations designed to effectively communicate time-tested values that will positively each student's mental, social and physical behavior.

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