High School Overview

Dan's 45-minute programs are characterized by a deep passion for building the student body and a heart-felt desire to share the realities of life that await them in high school and beyond. Dan stresses the importance of pursuing character qualities versus relying upon a reputation.

"Champions aren't born, they're made," Dan often says. "A champion is made one positive decision at a time, and the decisions you make determine your character and your character determines your destiny." Dan knows the battle students fight every day, as they try to secure their "position" in the school while struggling to create or maintain an image. That is why he will encourage them to mature into young men and women of integrity, determination and self-confidence.

Dan demonstrates his astounding basketball skills while employing humor and student/teacher participation in order to motivate the students to become Champions through their Choices. Dan will take students on a roller coaster of amazement to laughter to utter silence as he candidly shares his past struggles as a teenager. Despite his imperfections, Dan never gave up and now offers practical insight as living proof that anyone can succeed and become a Champion in the Game of Life.

Dan's Programs

PLAY THE GAME 2 WIN: This presentation is geared for the entire student body and focuses on getting involved and being active participants in life…not just observers. Dan strongly emphasizes the importance of developing a strong work ethic and addresses why it's important to become young men and women of integrity. This presentation will also address the importance of goal setting and never giving up even when difficult times come. Students continue to enjoy the humorous realities Dan shares of learning these disciplines and are encouraged to WIN in the game of Life! This message continues to be a teen favorite.

GET IN THE GAME: This presentation is geared for a lecture or classroom size setting and focuses on 4 necessary tools to living a life of a Champion. Dan stresses the importance of goal setting, attitude, mental toughness and commitment to excellence. Students will learn how to take their passions and interests in life and mold them around self-disciplines so they can live more active and productive lives.

THE MAKING OF A LEADER: This presentation is geared for student leaders in a lecture or classroom size setting and focuses on leadership. Dan will challenge the student-leaders how to lead by example and how to serve their fellow classmates. Students attending this presentation will discover the leadership skills and qualities they posses and learn how to use those strengths for the betterment of the school.
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“Dan did a great job of capturing his audience and getting his message across. His presentation set the pace for the career fair making it a great success…I appreciate that he was willing to speak a little longer to make my schedule work.”

Steve Beutler
Career Counselor
Central Campus High School (Minot, ND)