Life is no March Madness

Most basketball players I know look forward to March. Why? March Madness baby! It seems March is the universal month when high school and college basketball teams hold their post-season tournaments. Regardless of how a team does during the regular season, there is always that glimmer of hope that they can accomplish something special in their respective tournaments. No matter how many wins or loses a team has during the regular season, the post-season tournament is a new season and everyone starts with a clean slate.

If fact, its not just players that love March Madness, fans love it as well. March Madness brackets flood school hallways, locker rooms and of course places of work all across the country. It seems everyone wants a piece of the action; the action of selecting who they believe will win it all and claim the title of National Champions!

However, as you compete in your tournaments and complete your brackets this March, may I remind you that life is not like March Madness. The daily choices you make are like wins and losses. Every day you invest in your future through the choices you make. Unlike the post-season where each team is given a clean slate, life is different. You are given no clean slate or ‘do-over' in life. You reap what you sow; meaning, if you live your life careless and without direction, you can not go back and undo the choices you've made when you're older.

I work with too many students and athletes who tell me they wish they could go back and do things differently. They tell me things like, “I wish I had applied myself in school more so I could get into that college” or “If I could go back and do things differently, I would never have gotten into that relationship with him/her”…and the list goes on and on.

So, this March, will you determine with me that you are going to make choices each and every day that will lead you to a life of a Champion? Remember, we win or lose by how we choose! Choose 2 B A Champion™ in all you do and you won't have to worry about those bracket busters!