Preparation Precedes Progress

As a motivational speaker, basketball clinician and personal coach, I have often been asked, "Who motivates the motivator?" In other words, how do I motivate myself, in order to adequately encourage, equip and empower others?

First and foremost, it begins with a mindset and recognition that apart from God, I can do nothing on my own abilities. I firmly believe that Romans 11:34-36 is truth and that all things (including my life) are designed to bring glory to God (the Creator of all things). This helps me avoid the trap and pressures of conforming to the philosophy of mankind that places the emphasis on "self" and a person's own ability to achieve. It is only the sovereignty of God that allows me to achieve and do anything; He does so that I might bring Him glory.

Now, that being said, I do have personal responsibilities. Namely, am I going to work hard to fulfill those God-given objectives? How do I apply that to my everyday life? One of the many principles I try to live by come to mind; Preparation Precedes Progress. We are all on a journey. Like every journey, there is a distance that needs to be covered. In order to reach your destination, you need to know where you're going. That involves preparation; looking at a map, getting the car tuned-up for the trip, making sure you have enough gas, etc. If you don't adequately prepare, your journey is going to be delayed. Why? Preparation always precedes progress. The same is true at school or in sports. The time spent preparing (doing your homework, lifting, practicing, conditioning, etc) is the foundation to your progress.

In my house I have a sign that reads: I'd rather prepare for an opportunity that never comes; than to have an opportunity come and not be prepared. How about you? Are you fulfilling your God-designed purpose? Are you doing your very best each day? What a tragedy it would be for a great opportunity to come along only to realize that you never prepared (worked hard) in advance and therefore miss out!

Get Ready. Be Ready. Stay Ready!