Family Ministry Overview

Dan passionately desires families to be God-centered, Christ-exalted safe havens of peace and refuge in today's secular battlefield. One of the foundations of our Christian faith, the church and our nation rests in the existence of the nuclear family. Dan's messages focus on strengthening the family foundation by addressing topics such as self-image, harmony in the home and resolving parental and sibling conflict.


FAMILY CAMP: The design of family camp is a wonderful way of bringing the family together for times of worship, recreation and team building. The challenges living together beneath one roof 24/7 can be frustrating and stressful for any family. Therefore Dan divides his teaching sessions into specific areas of concentration… team and individual. During team sessions, Dan ministers to the entire family as a whole, whereas during the individual times, he works with the children and parents separately.

FAMILY NIGHT RALLIES: These sessions are designed to celebrate the institution of the family! Dan recognizes firsthand how valuable and significant the strength of family relations are in order to survive and thrive as God intended. While no two families are the same, every family does possess God-given talent and purpose so if utilized correctly can reap spiritual blessings for years to come! Dan will inspire all members of the family to be more conscience of the consequences their daily choices have and the pitfalls of destructive habits.

PARENT / CHILD EVENTS: The relationship between a mother/daughter, father/son or simply parent/child is very special and Dan’s message is geared towards helping build and maintain those relationships within your church as GOD has with Dan’s family!

OTHER: We recognize there are numerous avenues for ministry and outreach ideas that exist. If you would like Dan to speak at an upcoming event not mentioned above, please complete the Speaking Request Form and we will contact you right away!
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