Men's Ministry Overview

Dan passionately desires that men become God-intoxicated, Bible-saturated, pure vessels of honor and source of strength in our society! His messages are biblical, relevant and applicable so that men find living for Christ to be the most fulfilling and satisfying pleasure on earth!

Dan's presentations are designed to equip men to think, speak and behave like Christ in their homes, on their jobs and in the public square.


LIVING A BALANCED LIFE: Living a balanced life requires personal discipline. Just when a man thinks one part of his life is strong and going well, another seems to be weak and undisciplined. To help combat this defeating cycle, Dan helps men establish daily disciplines in key areas of life such as spiritual, financial, social and physical fitness.

MAN OF INFLUENCE: These sessions are designed to help men recognize firsthand how valuable and significant they are to God and others. Not all men are blessed with the same skills or abilities, but each man does possess God-given purpose and talent. When that purpose and those talents are invested into the life of a child, spiritual blessings can follow for generations to come! Dan will inspire men to be more conscience of their sphere of influence as they strive towards making a difference in their communities.

PORNOGRAPHY / LUST: One of the most frequent questions Dan receives from men across the country is, "I'm addicted to porn and can't stop…Help!" Dan addresses this issue head on and discusses the destructive consequences of uncontrolled lust as well as the freedom and joy that come when a man is able to live free from its lethal grip. Due to the content of the material covered, these sessions are for MEN ONLY! Dan will encourage, equip and empower men to climb out of the pit of despair and walk in purified victory as the spiritual leaders of their homes!

OTHER: We recognize there are numerous avenues for ministry and outreach ideas that exist. If you would like Dan to speak at an upcoming event not mentioned above, please complete the Speaking Request Form and we will contact you right away!
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